Speaking Session at Tarbiat Moalem University

The next Monday, 21st Farvardin (Jalali) I’ll be having a speaking session at Tarbiat Moalem (aka Kharazmi) University, set up by my dearly respected professor, Dr. Ehsan Malekian.

I’ll be covering some aspects of Epistemology combined with theories and practices of information security, and a general discussion of what is yet to come.

The session is held at 10:00 AM at Computer Engineering Department, the computer site.

Hope to see you people there

P.S: Tarbiat Moalem university is located at Karadj city, Hesarak sq.

11 comments On Speaking Session at Tarbiat Moalem University

  • how long it will take?
    good luck

  • Hi I am the student of Kharazmi uni.I’m studing decision making right now
    unfortunately I can’t see you on Monday.I really want to see you because I really like to learn some of your knowledge in computer science
    It is remarkebele that Dr Malekian is mu teacher in MA step.please pay attention that some of your knowledge is really necessary for me

    • Hello dear Elahe,
      Unfortunately I have limited time, but if you have any questions in my area of expertise, do not hesitate to contact me directly.
      My contact information is available in my CV page,

  • I’ll really be glad to see you
    thanke you so much

  • salam.
    vaght bekheir
    Aghaye Naderi man ghablan payam gozashtam
    man daneshjuye D Malekkian hastam.
    motasefane farda nemituan biam .vali vaghean be rahnamiitun ehtiaj daram
    lotfan be email man pasokh bedid
    ba tashakor

  • hi
    we’ll appreciate u if u continue to ur writing specially
    about web security and everything related to web or security and software development
    tnx for ur attention

  • سلام جناب نادری
    عرض تبریک روز میلاد خانوم فاطمه (س)

  • سلام یه پیشنهاد داشتم برای رزومتون میشه یک کاری کنید که وقتی آپدیت میکنید بگه کجا چی اضافه شده؟ :) مرسی

  • همدانشگاهی

    ارشد چیکار کردی؟

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