Why liberalism only suits US

This is People's Republic of China, an old man is headed into a banking establishment to do some everyday bank tasks. The bank is quite crowded, but after a few minutes it's finally his turn to take up the booth. He  seems pretty slow with papers and also isn't the sharpest when answering the bank employee's questions, and this has been going on for a while.

The young lady who has entered the bank a few seconds after the old man, is growing impatient with the old man's progress. She's next, but it doesn't seem like her turn will be coming up soon. Also, there aren't any empty booths as there aren't many functional booths available in the bank, and even if they were, they might've been occupied as well.

She couldn't switch banks, since other banks are also pretty crowded and the switching process would probably consume more time than she's gonna end up waiting for her turn in a lifetime of bank chores. After all, there are rarely enough banks for all of people in China, as in almost any other country.

While taking her time to wait, the bright women is fantasizing something in her head :

This is the United States, an old man goes into a bank to pay some bills. Since the bank is almost empty, as soon as he enters the bank, the booth accepts him. The man has around 30 bills and is quite slow doing paperwork, so he's gonna take at least 45 minutes.

Another customer, a young woman also enters the bank. She seems impatient, and seeing the old man taking his time is boring her. Fortunately, there are plenty of other empty booths waiting for other customers, and even if there weren't, she could easily switch banks and choose another eager one with plenty of room for new customers. After all, there are many more banks than people actually need in the US.

Liberalism is pretty delicious, ain't it?

Thinking of all that, our lady realizes the old man has made only a little progress. She's wondering what is the right thing to do in a situation like this, to put the old man at the back of the waiting line, since his task requires considerable time, or let him do whatever he requires in his own turn.

The second idea, however liberal it might sound, is starting to seem dull and inefficient to the lady, and amazingly the first one is the course of action she chooses as best fitting.

After all, Liberalism ain't that suiting for everybody, is it?

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